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We will promote you at a professional level…

We offer you a complete package of consultancy, preparation, design and implementation services for your event, both in technical and organisational terms, exactly in line with your requirements. After due clarification of requirements we can assist you in devising the program for your event. We offer you a “turn-key” event consultancy and implementation.

We will provide you with the best promo system, out of a wide variety of options, which will make you really distinguished.

For inspiration, have a look at our gallery.

LCDs, plasma screens and videowalls
From auto shows to business presentations - you will get a tool to present video sequences, graphics and other similar product information forms, and even much more, at any time. We use the cutting-edge LCD equipment SAMSUNG.
Presentation equipment and notebooks
You can always have your presentation equipment at hand. We offer you notebooks together with complete accessories. Thus, you can ease your mind and concentrate just on what you are presenting. We will take care of the technical matters.
Video projection, video directing and digital video record processing
In addition to the video projection itself, you can use the complete range of our services in the field of video directing with the PC/video image conversion, video recording including creation of the work and postproduction. We have 2 state-of-the-art video desks and professional video recording equipment. Professional cameramen with years-long experience are a matter of course. We can do the digital image processing and adaptation exactly to customers needs (editing, sound, DVD Betacam, VHS copies…)
Screens and projectors
If even the largest LCD screen is too small for you, you can use our framed FAST FOLD screens for both front and rear projections, with sizes of 2 x 3m and 3 x 4m. We offer different screen fixing options and a great image. Moreover, we will adjust every projection to the ambient space and conditions. The presentation equipment we use is FAST FOLD, BENQ and others.
Laser show
If you wish to add something special to your event, we can offer you professional green and RGB laser systems. They can be used for creating 3-D animations, drawing logos of your company, partners, or sponsors, creating a life space show, drawing onto a curtain, water wall or the sky. We can prepare for you a “turn-key” laser show exactly to the music’s rhythm.
Firework machines, confetti throwers and foam makers
Tailored interior and exterior firework machines, confetti throwers and foam makers can become the prime feature of your cultural or company event. We will arrange the whole preparation and handling by trained personnel, with strict abidance by all safety regulations.
Dance floor
Using the NIVTEC modular system, we can build for you an ideal dance floor fitting your requirements. The floor has slip-proof surface and is suitable for booth interior and exterior applications.
Thanks to our wide database of hostesses you can get any number of both hostesses and other representation and auxiliary staff. Hostesses wear presentation clothing (shirts, skirts, evening gowns) matching the nature of your event. Upon special request you can have hostesses dressed in customised clothing in corporate colours.
Flower decorations and spatial layout
We can adopt any space to meet your most demanding requirements. Upon request, we can decorate the re-arranged space with flowers, draperies, presentation carpets, balloon decorations and a variety of decorative accessories. Our professional decorators guarantee a high standard of decorations.
Artist and presenter performances
If you are in search for art agency services, this is the right place for you. We will arrange for your event performances of famous presenters, artists, bands, dancers, entertainers, magicians, attraction presenters, etc. We will provide auxiliary personnel, such as show bartenders, waiters, etc. Just contact us and pronounce your ideas.
Identification wristbands
Identification wristbands made by the US manufacturer VIP BAND offer a modern approach to keeping eye on paying visitors to your event - whether it be a disco, festival or closed social event. You can use ID wristbands to avoid unauthorised and non-paying visitors. Colour-coded ID wristbands enable easy distinguishing between the staff and visitors. We offer you world-quality wristbands of different colours, designs and sizes, and different printing options. As the latest news, we offer ID wristbands with full-format colour print. Please check our catalogue of ID wristbands and price list of ID wristbands.in EUR.

Cargo transport 
We offer you a cargo transport:  FIAT DUCATO - load capacity 15 m3. Price: 0,5 Eur/km - out of city, 13,5 Eur/hour. - city, charge for waiting 10 Eur/hour.

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