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Rigid sound and lighting structure…

If a social event is to be held in the open air, the weather may not be just ideal; but the roofed structure will protect performing artists or presenters from drizzle, snow, or sharp sun. And what’s even more, the TAF system, having the TÜV a DIN 4113 quality certificate, enables mounting light ramps, sound systems and large- screen projection systems onto it.
These structural systems are absolutely necessary at any concert, festival, attractive stage, or a more sophisticated exhibition. We also offer large tents of different sizes, with either open or closed side entrances, for your visitors and clients.
Furnished structures, supports, towers, motors and pulleys will serve the fixing of lighting, sound and presentation equipment in the interior. The structures and accessories enable installation of sound and lighting equipment even in more complicated settings, such as at exhibitions, auto shows, or in sporting halls. The structural members are modular, and we are able to couple them to achieve any desired length. One interesting accessory is a circular structure. We can elevate a system, by means of towers, motors and lifting pulleys and place it in the space above the ground, or hang it down from the roof. We will be pleased to advise you on the best design to fit your particular event.

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