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Stages and safety railing

Firm boards under feet…

The TÜV-certified high-standard modular platform with slip-proof surface, made by the German manufacturer NIVTEC guarantees safe conditions for the performing artists, models, politicians or your company’s awarded staff who will be better visible in the elevated place.
The basic dimension of a modular platform board is 2 x 1 metre. With its use versatility and load capacity of up to 750 kg/m2, the NIVTEC platform is an ideal solution for all interior and exterior events.
With levelling legs it can compensate for any ground unevenness; the leg’s height adjustment range is 20 to 150cm. As a matter of course, a staircase and safety railing can be attached to the platform. The NIVTEC platform system can be also used as a dancing floor for dance performances, as well as a stage for a band or other artists.
An important accessory, which is particularly useful at larger events with higher attendance numbers, is safety railing by means of which we can direct the movement of people and prevent them from accessing areas that they should not enter.
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